At present, there are many types of cabinet countertops, roughly including natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, stainless steel, and so on. They all have the basic properties of anti-fouling, anti-scalding, anti-acid and alkali, anti-scratch, and other countertop materials, but their physical properties and price points are different. Natural stone includes granite and marble with various patterns. It has a hard texture, outstanding anti-scratch performance, and a cold feel. Two types of black flower and white flower are more commonly used, but only white marble has a slightly insufficient antifouling performance. Natural stone has a high density and requires strong cabinet support, and it is more than hard and lacks elasticity. If it is hit hard, cracks will occur and it is difficult to repair. Its cost varies with different designs and colors. The most commonly used ones cost around 200 yuan per meter, which are the most economical and affordable countertop materials.

honed granite

Surface honed granite kitchen countertops

Artificial stone is a very popular countertop material at present, it is divided into two types: seamless and seam. There are obvious traces of gaps when glued with seam artificial stone glue, and its anti-scratch performance and strong acid and alkali resistance are slightly worse. The price ranges from 300 yuan/meter to 400 yuan/meter. The seamless artificial stone uses a material called methyl methacrylate, which is rich in patterns and integrally formed, with no traces at the joints, and can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. General stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth or detergent, but strong chemical agents such as paint remover, acetone-containing delustering water, pine perfume, and acid-containing plumbing cleaner can damage it and cause stains. A severe impact will form dents on the surface. The price is different between domestic and imported. Domestic seamless artificial stone is priced from 1,200 yuan/meter to 1,500 yuan/meter, while DuPont Corian’s price is around 3,000 yuan/meter.

Fireproof board countertops are the mainstream in the current market. It has balanced anti-fouling, anti-scratch, anti-scald, and anti-acid and alkali properties, and has a wide variety of colors. Its base material is density board, and the surface layer is fireproof material and decorative veneer. Fireproof boards are divided into high, middle, and low grades, and the price ranges from 300 yuan/meter to 600 yuan/meter. It can be said that the price is relatively affordable. Compared with natural stone, a fireproof board is more flexible and will not crack due to heavy blows. Its maintenance and maintenance are basically the same as other materials, and it is also very simple.

statuario classic quartz

Statuario classic quartz kitchen countertops

The stainless steel countertop is bright and clean, with excellent performance. It usually adds a layer of thin stainless steel on the surface of the density fireproof board. However, with the decline of stainless steel cabinets in the retail market, it is no longer favored by people, and it is difficult to see in the market.

The material of the countertop directly affects the cost of the “integrated kitchen”. The “integrated kitchen” of about 20,000 yuan usually uses seamless artificial stone countertops to highlight the grade of the kitchen and the decoration effect. The “integrated kitchen” of about 10,000 yuan usually uses seamed artificial stones and fireproof boards. The cost of natural stone is variable, but ordinary stone varieties are generally used for middle and low-end kitchen decoration.

After some performance-price ratios, combined with the overall kitchen decoration budget and reasonable arrangements, I believe you will get a set of satisfactory kitchen facilities.

lg everest quartz

LG Everest quartz stone countertops