1: Polyester type: The main raw materials are composed of unsaturated resin, aluminum hydroxide, and natural pigments.

2. Composite acrylic type: Add part of methyl methacrylate (MMA) to ordinary unsaturated resin to increase the aging resistance, hardness, and bending resistance of the solid surface material.

3. Pure acrylic type (PMMA): The main material is composed of methyl methacrylate (MMA), aluminum hydroxide (ATH), and natural pigments, without any other resins. DuPont “Corian” is a pure acrylic product.

sparkling black quartz

sparkling black quartz kitchen countertops

The polyester type is the most affordable, and the pure acrylic type is the most expensive. High-quality artificial stone has a variety of physical properties such as wear resistance, acid resistance, high-temperature resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, and penetration resistance. The processing of deformation, bonding, corners, and other parts has unique technological advantages. The processing performance of milling, embedding, engraving, grinding, and polishing is better than any material currently on the market for kitchen countertops. Any form of kitchen countertops can achieve the effect of natural harmony and integration.

At present, inferior artificial stone blindly pursues low prices in order to win the market, using ordinary glass fiber reinforced plastic resin, filler mixed with lime carbonate powder or even silica to replace aluminum hydroxide, and it is easy to age, poor in flame retardancy, and contains harmful to humans. The heavy metal pigments contain trace radioactive elements, and the pores on the plate are easy to breed bacteria, which is not conducive to the health of people’s lives. The difference in production methods, equipment, and processes of artificial stone manufacturers leads to uneven product quality. Good quality products are still practical and beautiful after several years of use, and poor products are deformed, discolored, cracked, blistered, and faded within a few months. , Loss of luster and other issues. Artificial stone knowledge

sparkling gray quartz

sparkling gray quartz kitchen countertops

Here are a few simple ways to identify the quality of artificial stone:

※Look at the appearance: First, see if the color of the particles on the surface is uniform. If you observe the particles, see if you can vaguely see the particles in the next layer. The more you see, the better. Second, look at the side: whether there are bubbles on the side of the kanban. If there are, it indicates that the quality ratio is low. A good board should be free of bubbles. The so-called solid surface material means that there are no tiny bubbles in the product, and the surface and the inside are all high-density solid materials, which have excellent physical and chemical properties. If the purpose of eliminating bubbles in the product cannot be achieved during production, this product cannot be called It is a solid surface material, and the quality is naturally impossible to talk about. Last look at the back

※Look at the thickness: the standard thickness of artificial stone should be 1.27mm thick, and even 1mm of inferior quality can’t reach (but some brands of artificial stone are not this standard).

※Look at the cutting piece: the small piece (with a thickness of 2 mm) cut by the worker during the on-site installation to see if it is elastic. The better the elasticity and toughness, the better the quality and the higher the price. (The composition of artificial stone contains resin, the content of resin directly affects its cost and price, and the smell of plastic will be smelled when cutting)

quartz brown

quartz brown kitchen countertops

※Look at the glue: the big brands of artificial stone have special glue for installation, and the glue is marked with words.

※Look at the back anti-counterfeiting: the back anti-counterfeiting of the big brand artificial stone is printed with inkjet codes, and the general low-priced boards are “covered” with a stamp.