Marble has beautiful colors, patterns, high compressive strength, and good physical and chemical properties. As the application of marble continues to increase, its design requirements are also increasing. The bathroom vanity is a very common way of expressing marble. What are the advantages of marble countertops?

white and grey marble countertop

Natural white and grey marble countertop

Advantages of marble countertops

1. No deformation, high hardness of marble, strong wear resistance, uniform structure, extremely small linear expansion coefficient, complete internal stress disappears, and no deformation.

2. The service life is long. The marble countertop is not afraid of acid and alkali liquid erosion, will not rust, not easy to stick to dust, and will not be affected by moisture, and the service life is very long.

dark grey marble countertops

Cheap natural dark grey marble countertops

3. Physical stability, no scratches, not blocked by constant temperature conditions, and can maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.

4. Natural texture, elegant marble countertop, very suitable for high-end decoration.

grey marble worktop

Natural grey marble worktop