Imported stone VS domestic stone

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I often hear some customers discussing how expensive and high-grade imported stone is, while domestic stone is scum.

1. I would like to ask whether your stone is imported or domestic.

2. If it is made in China, has the car overturned?

3. If it is imported, how fragrant is it?

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Because of the major changes in the domestic decoration market in recent years and the entry of new main consumers, aesthetics has entered 2.0, and bolder and more exaggerated stone materials have been favored and accepted by more and more people.

Therefore, domestic marble minerals have also developed rapidly, and many super beautiful stones have entered the eyes of consumers.

Is it better to import stone or domestic stone?

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1. The quality of marble is not judged by imported or domestically produced marble but by natural texture, material density, and processing technology.

2. Why the price difference between domestic stone and imported stone is so large, the main reason is that many imported stones are rare and mines are controlled.

3. The price of marble is mainly composed of block price + freight + processing fee + tax. The situation of each mine is different, so the pricing will be different.

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granite countertop colors

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EDG Stone sorted out some comparisons between domestic stone and imported stone. Some imported stone materials based on the market are good, but they are not so absolute. Domestic stone materials have also been well developed, and they have really risen.