Generally speaking, any commodity price is divided into three price levels of high, middle, and low. Compared with the general countertop construction materials, the price of natural granite will be correspondingly higher, that is because the natural granite countertop has 6 unparalleled advantages.

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1. Value-added, Granite kitchen countertops can add value. This makes it valuable for investment. It can add elegance to the kitchen and increase the overall value of the house when it is sold. If you have funds for renovation, it is wise to install a granite countertop.

2. Aesthetic value Granite is a natural material. It has a history of hundreds of years, but it has only been used for a home for the last 40 years. Compared with other materials, it may be more expensive, but it is a good home investment. If you have some financial resources, this is a good home improvement program.

3. The unique design of nature. The subtle color changes on granite cannot be copied by man-made products. It will personalize your home and add features to the kitchen. You may have noticed that as the light in the room changes, the colors on the granite also change. The color, spots, and other patterns on the granite run through the whole stone, unlike the ordinary artificial granite with only one layer on the surface. These characteristics of different stones are also different.  Amazing color combinations. Since this material is spread all over the world and has a wide variety, its color is also ever-changing. The stone material of each area has a unique quality. Shading from simple to complex, warm, and deep. Granite kitchen countertops can be matched with almost any sink and accessories, such as ceramic, copper, stainless steel, and so on. This is not just a fashion. It can be said that it is deeply loved by people and has a solid track record.

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4. Sterilization due to its texture. This is a very hygienic kitchen material. Because it is not a porous material, it is not easy to harbor bacteria and other dirt. Mold will not breed here. Of course, if you use granite sheets, those grout lines will cause mildew and staining.

5. Easy to clean If you have some basic common sense, cleaning care is very simple. Daily cleaning only requires a soft cloth or some paper towels and ordinary soapy water. Due to the dense texture, the pores of this stone are not very much, so dying is not a big problem. Once it is sealed or polished, it can resist moisture. Reseal every 1-3 years.

6. Family-friendly kitchen. From all aspects, if there are children in the family, this is a good choice. No matter what they do, basically it will not damage your countertop. Maybe you just need to tell them not to hang on the corners of fragile countertops, because in the long run, this can cause future problems