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How to deal with the yellowing of bathroom stone countertops?


In modern home decoration, especially the new generation of young people born in the 80s and 90s, especially like the decoration of light-colored series. Most of the bathrooms are made of light-colored stone materials. You will find that after a long time, there will be yellowing and the luster will not be strong. So what

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Marble countertop moldy treatment method


In modern home decoration, although some styles do not widely use marble, there are a few places that will definitely be used, that is, our kitchen and bathroom. However, compared with other spaces, the kitchen and bathroom space has been in a relatively humid environment for a long time. Compared with other materials, marble has

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Four principles for kitchen design


Principle 1: Determine the form of the kitchen according to the size of the space The kitchen can be divided into I-shaped, L-shaped, concave-shaped, and island-shaped according to the size of the space. The linear structure of the I-shaped kitchen is simple and clear, usually requiring a space of 7 square meters and a length

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